Life is filled with memories and milestones, some planned and some spontaneous.

As I live out my later twenties, I feel now is the time to embrace my passion for writing and start a blog, which I’m here to share with you today.

I’ve always had a love for writing, ever since I was a child. I used to keep diaries and wrote letters to distant pen pals, jotting down my thoughts and adventures. Later in life, in my earlier twenties, I decided to work within marketing, so I joined an exciting marketing agency based in Berkshire, however after a few of years I realised that there must more to see and experience. Nervously, I decided to be bold and pack my bags to travel far and beyond. I thought I should take some time out to find myself, which is exactly what I did! Whilst travelling throughout 21 different countries and making many amazing friends along the way, I kept my family and friends updated by keeping an online journal, sharing my journey and love for adventure. 3 amazing years later I returned to Old Blighty, with my new English boyfriend. When we moved to the beautiful Cotswolds, I thought now is the time for a fresh start in my career, which led me to Fundraising. Specialising in organising fundraising events, I’m always keen to attend new venues, try different activities and network with potential new contacts. Missing one of my best-loved landscapes, the coastland, we have recently moved to one of my favourite childhood locations of Dorset, where I am continuing my career in fundraising. I’ve also recently helped on a few marketing projects freelancing as a copywriter – so ‘blogging’ for clients has given me plenty of practice and motivation to start this new project.

As you can see, throughout my twenties I’ve changed directions and travelled new paths, after all they do say that variety really is the spice of life! I feel happy with my choices and thankfully I have no regrets.

What can you expect from FiFi Bloom?

I hope to bring to light my various passions, obviously for events and travel, (both home in the UK and abroad), but also my excitement for the basics in life – like walking, baking, sewing and more.

Who knows, this might help me discover new passions…