Mottram Hall – I do!

Mottram Hall, one of the most magical stays I have ever experienced, quite literally felt like a princess. Filled with charm and etiquette, this getaway was something I won’t forget in a long time.

My partner and I stayed for 3 nights at the hall whilst in the area for his sister and brother-in-law’s wedding – a very beautiful and special wedding.

I was so impressed by the overall experience of this stay; the staff were faultless, the beds felt so fresh and comfortable, the rooms were spotless clean and the food was to die for… and I haven’t even mentioned the leisure facilities!The first night that we arrived we went to the Claret Jug for a light dinner, (I say light because as a wedding guest I had nightmares of having to squeeze into my dress). The menu was surprisingly good for a golf bar, not overloaded with choice, though enough to give a variety of options. Every day the breakfast was served in the Carrington Grill restaurant. The food was perfectly displayed and there was ample of choice. I personally really enjoyed the fresh coffee, baked croissants and prepared fruit whilst my partner took full advantage of the cooked breakfast! We definitely got our monies worth. Credit to the staff as well, considering the amount of people dining, they were fantastic. On our last night we also had dinner in the Carrington Grill restaurant, which was so delicious and presentation was amazing, though quite pricey, but that was to be expected.


I often make judgement on places based on the added extras, but again we were pleasantly surprised… fresh lemon infused water available for self serve, drinks on arrival, morning paper, the wafts of fresh flowers down every beautifully decorated corridor.




Now… the spa, oh the spa! Time to sit back and let the bubbles pop away at your daily stresses. Such a beautiful spa – one that I would quite honestly travel hours again to return to! From an outdoor alfresco thermospace set with; jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, plunge showers, sun loungers and nest couple chairs… to an inside area of the main pool, a toddler pool, heaps more sun loungers, steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi no.2. Thankfully the changing rooms were also clean and tidy, with a good supply of lockers, showers and GHDs 🙂 (One of my biggest turn-offs when it comes to leisure areas is the changing rooms – I cannot stand dirty or smelly changing rooms…), phew! Overall I rate the spa 5/5 bubbles! Total tranquillity, unless you have to share the pool with 2 hen parties like we did on the first day.

After having a peak online to see if one can just use the spa, I’ve noticed that there are a few offers online which include a treatment and use of the facilities… so if you fancy a pamper day with some girly girls, definitely consider Mottram Hall.

I’m not a golfer myself, though I know my partner was impressed by the greens and said it was a well maintained course, boasting an 18-hole course… I’m afraid I can’t comment on this! I can however say that the gardens were stunning and clearly well cared for.

Quite honestly, my only negative would be the noise when in the bedroom. The walls are very thin so you can hear your neighbours conversations and also the swan feeding time… my gosh! Every morning at 7.30am, we were woken to what sounded like a whole migrating flock descending ready to land outside our window ready for their morning feed. They can certainly make a noise and not ideal for the rooms over looking the swan lake. Of course, I can only speak from our experience and I can’t say that all the rooms would be the same… To be completely honest though, it was a nicer wake-up call than our mobile phone alarms!

The initial look and feel of Mottram Hall is elegance, a non-corporate or chain vibe (although Mottram Hall is part of the Q-Hotels chain). The customer experience was excellent and I would certainly return. Thank you for an A+ princess experience.

Photos of the Spa are credited to Mottram Hall, with permission from staff.

This post is not a sponsored advertisement. All views and opinions on the experience of my stay are purely my own.

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